Hi everyone!

We are two digital nomads living in Austria, blogging about all the things we both love., like hiking in the Alps, taking pictures, eating awesome food or obsessing over our dog.  And of course about how it is to live in a foreign country and to meet a different culture, about how to find a healthy work-life balance and still earn enough money to be able to have a ton few sushi nights in a row.  So in short: we are writing about the simple things, sharing some of the amazing details of our new life in Austria.

Our aim with this blog is to get better at taking (landscape) photos, but that’s top secret. Until it happens, we just act like we know what we’re doing.

Anyway, here are a few facts about us.


  • former Physics student, now CEO of two IT-companies
  • how-it’s-made enthusiast
  • extrovert
  • likes to build things with his hands


  • has a master’s degree in Scandinavian Studies, (but?) works as a website builder and text editor
  • loves cooking, has a food blog since 2015
  • introvert
  • book-addict

We are so glad you’ve found us and hope that you’ll enjoy your time here!



Peter and Zita