Meet Ördög, our furry co-worker and companion


I have a confession to make, but you’re not allowed to tell any of this to Ördög. The thing is that I’ve always been scared of animals (I mean the crying-like-a-baby kind of scared), only rabbits were the only species I could handle. Even the cutest pets made me want to leave the room or the area we had to share. I know it’s totally crazy and I think I know the reason behind it (my mom is the same). Anyway, this whole mess got a bit better as I grew older, but it wasn’t nearly as good as it should be. So when I got together with Peter who had a big* dog I was like “She is really cute on picture, but that’s enough for me.”

(*big for me: Ördög weighs around 29-30 kg and I’m around 45-47 so you get the idea behind big I guess)

meet Ördög, our furry co-worker and companion #austrianvibes #personal #dog

How Ördög tames people

When I visited Peter I was always hoping that Ördög would be at the neighbor’s. If she was nearby, I tried my best to conceal my fear because I read that dogs would get angry if they sensed fear. I was hopeless, I know. But Ördög was just amazing: she gave me space when I needed it and pushed my limits when I was ready for some change. Step by step we became friends and than something happened.

One day I was really upset when I was at Peter’s because of some minor drama at the university. Out of frustration I rushed out from the house and sat down on the stairs outside. As I burst out in tears I felt something warm and fluffy (and stinky) next to me. It was Ördög: out of nowhere she came to me and first time in history she wasn’t asking for food or petting, she just sat there and let me feel her warmth. I calmed down a bit and than she started licking my face: something which she never did before. It was so funny, lovely and disgusting at the same time that I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Ördög cheered me up and I gave her my heart.

meet Ördög, our furry co-worker and companion #austrianvibes #personal #dog

The facts

Here are some facts about our most precious co-worker:

  • Ördög was born in the beginning of 2006 so she’ll be 12 years old this year.
  • She is a female and had two incredibly cute puppies when she was younger.
  • Her name means ‘devil’ in Hungarian and she got that name because of her bad behavior in her early months.
  • Nowadays she is very kind and nice, I wasn’t the only one who got over their fear of animals/dogs thanks to Ördög.
  • She is very clever – obviously – and gets always what she wants: who could say no to her?
  • In Hungary she was a guard dog and took her role pretty seriously, she even held back a burglar once.

meet Ördög, our furry co-worker and companion #austrianvibes #personal #dog

  • Nowadays she is retired. We’re living in a neighborhood where no guard dog is needed, so she can do whatever she wants instead, like lying in the sun carelessly. In the first few months here in Austria it was hard to explain to her that rules have changed and she mustn’t bark at lovely children passing by. I think she got it, but sometimes she has fun… 🙂
  • I haven’t met anyone who didn’t like Ördög after he or she spent a few hours with her.
  • She loves snow and doesn’t mind the cold.
  • Ördög has a little friend (or lover?), another dog who lives nearby. They are always calling each other and are playing endlessly when they finally get to be together.

Sometimes I think about how fortunate we are. We’re living in an amazing country and we have the most brilliant companion ever. What else do we need?

meet Ördög, our furry co-worker and companion #austrianvibes #personal #dog


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