Winter is here


Which means: hardcore skiing season has started for us!

The thing is that we’ve won 2 Skiamade season passes (I still can’t believe how lucky we were) and therefore we agreed to visit all of the Skiamade ski resorts. Our goal is to take a lot of pictures, get know the (ski)region better and decide which ski resorts are the best for our needs. It is an ambitious plan knowing that we work a lot, but now we have the perfect motivation for finding a healthier work-life (or work-skiing) balance. 🙂

I’m really looking forward to this time of the year, I guess that there will be tons of places, sceneries, mountains, trees worth taking pictures of. If the autumn-winter transition is this beautiful, how amazing will the snowy winter be?

austrian vibes winter greeting - Winter is here! #austrianvibes #austria #skiamade #skiing


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